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Power-Strut channel sections are produced by multiple sets of forming rolls which cold-work strip steel into the channel configuration. This type of roll forming produces uniform channel section held to the specifications of MFMA-4.


Power-Strut Clamping Nuts are cold formed, with two grooves, each with six sharp teeth and then case hardened. These sharp hardened teeth bite into the inturned edges of the Power-Strut channel forming a strong vise-like connection giving greater strength and resistance to slippage.

Fastener Aisle


Power-Strut has a wide variety of fittings to meet all of your application requirements.

Pipe & Conduit Clamps

Power-Strut pipe, conduit and O.D. tubing clamps are formed in punch press dies in a wide selection of sizes to meet every requirement.


Concrete Inserts

A selection of heavy-duty to light-duty "continuous" and "spot" concrete inserts is available for use in pre-cast, pre-stressed or poured -in-place concrete floors, walls or ceilings.

Rooftop Supports

Pipe Pier :

Pipe Pier Products are used worldwide to cost effectively secure and safely hold conduit, pipe, cable and mechanical equipment on roof and raised floor applications. It is 100% recyclable, lightweight, durable, quick and easy to install.

MMI : 

Our MMI series were designed and are assembled by Pacific Southwest Sales. MMI's are compatible for any type of roofing material or flat surface. They support green building requirements and qualify for LEED credits. Dampens vibration, absorbs shock and protects/helps extend roof life without roof penetration. Made from 100% recycled tire rubber.


Rooftop Supports Cont.

Unipier :

Unipier Rooftop Support System provides a simple and versatile way to support and manage pipe, tubing, conduit, HVAC systems, and the like. The Unipier Rooftop Support System does not require roof surface penetration and allows the parts to remain off the service.

Sleeper Support :

The Unipier rooftop sleeper is the first rooftop support that is white to reflect the sun's UV rays. It is cost-effective, lightweight and can be cut to the desired length while on the jobsite. 


The installation of fiberglass channel and accessories is similar to the installation of metallic channel and accessories. All standard installation practices and procedures apply. In general, special handling is not required. fabrication of Aickinstrut components requires just three simple operations; cutting, drilling and sealing. All Aickinstrut channels, except the SST series, incorporate a patented flange design which provides reliable fastening and interlocking of Aickinstrut components and accessories. Aickinstrut SST fiberglass channel incorporates a standard channel profile that will accommodate metallic pipe straps and clamps. 

*Please contact us for further information on your fiberglass requirements.

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